Deputy Attorney General To Possibly Resign After New AG is Confirmed

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Keynote at the 2018 State of the Net Conference. Photo by Internet Education Foundation.

On Wednesday multiple sources reported that Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is planning to exit the Department of Justice once a new Attorney General is Confirmed.

The first to report Rosenstein’s intention to depart the administration was ABC News, citing, multiple sources familiar with his plans.

According to their article Rosenstein has communicated his plan to President Trump and White House Officials.

CNN reported that according to a source familiar with Rosenstein’s thinking, that Rosenstein is not “being forced out.”

President Trump has nominated former Attorney General William Barr to replace Jeff Sessions, who was resigned/fired the day after midterm elections in November.

The CNN article explains that with Barr’s confirmation set for January 15th at 9:30 a.m. eastern time, that the earliest Senate confirmation vote would occur is mid-February.

CNN also adds that Barr has expressed his desire to have his own team, while Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN, she had not discussed Rosesteins plans with the President she did say Rosenstein was “doing a great job,” adding that to her understanding, Rosenstein’s plan had been to only stay two-years.

I know that deputy attorney general had always planned to stay around two years. He would like to help with the transition of bringing the new attorney general in. We hope that happens relatively soon,” Sanders said. “I know he wants to allow him to build a new team. He’s doing a great job and we’ll let him make any further announcements on that from here.”

CNN News

Rosenstein has faced a myriad of attacks both directly and indirectly by President Trump and his supporters since May 2017, when Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel that would investigate whether or not Trump campaign members conspired with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

In September as The News Blender reported, Rosenstein was said to have suggested secretly recording President Trump and floated the idea of invoking the 25th amendment. The story was first reported by The New York Times, citing “several people insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.”

This report led to speculation that Rosenstein had verbally resigned and/or offered his resignation to the White House.

In November President Trump retweeted a meme that suggested several political figures including Rosenstein needed tried for treason.

For What It’s Worth: As the News Blender reported on Tuesday, a redacting error, revealed that Mueller’s Office accused Paul Manafort the onetime campaign manager for Donald Trump of sharing polling data with a Russian Nationalist, the U.S. Government believes has ties to Russian Intelligence in 2016.

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