NC-09 Election Fraud Update: Mark Harris Will Not Run in Special Election

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In an update from where we let off with the news about the election fraud in North Carolina’s congressional 9th district with North Carolina State Election Board holding hearings, the Board voted unanimously to throw out the November election results. A special election has not be set yet.

After halting his own testimony to the NC State Election Board, Mark Harris, the 2018 Republican party’s candidate who is also at the center of the NC-09 election fraud scandal, reversed his earlier stance against calling for a new election also announced after citing poor health he would no longer seek North Carolina’s US House of Representative’s District 09 seat.

Meanwhile, on the same day Harris dropped out, Mitch McConnell said this:

What happened in Bladen and counties was election fraud not ‘voter fraud’.

The Charlotte Observer has reported that while Harris is endorsing Boss Hogg “Republican Stony Rushing, a Union County commissioner, for the congressional seat … his withdrawal opens the door to other Republicans.”

Rushing, a Republican and the owner of Take Aim Training Range, did not return emails sent to his government account and to an AOL address linked to his professional website by press time. But a Facebook page that appears to belong to him features weeks of posts denying any possibility of election fraud. (It also features multiple photos of Rushing dressed as Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg, a recurring character on the Dukes of Hazzard.)

As recently as Saturday, Rushing had decried the state board of elections’ fraud hearings:

New York Intelligencer

“[Rushing’s] background and his experience have proven him to stand firm on so many of the issues that concern us, including the issue of life, our national security, and religious freedom. I hope that those who have stood with me will strongly consider getting behind Stony Rushing,” Harris said in his endorsement.


In another update, as was reported in TNB Notes, McCrae Dowless, who is “at the center of the election fraud scandal in North Carolina” was indicted by a grand jury. Dowless “faces three felony counts of obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and two counts of possession of absentee ballots.”

The Washington Post reported that the prosecutor signaled “more charges are likely.”

The political operative at the center of allegations of ballot-tampering in a congressional race in North Carolina has been indicted on seven felonies, the start of what is expected to grow into one of the most sweeping criminal investigations ever of fraud in a federal election.

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