Jeffery Epstein Dies in Manhattan Jail

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NBC News is reporting that according to three officials familiar with the matter, register sex offender, politically connected millionaire financier, and recently accused sex trafficker of minors, Jeffery Epstein has been found dead in a jail cell in Manhattan.

Epstein as the News Blender reported in early July was arrested and charged with sex trafficking minors.

Epstein’s arrested led to the resignation of Trump Administration official, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who faced heavy criticism over a plea deal he’d reached in 2008 with Epstein, that allowed Epstein to only face state charges and ended the Federal investigation.

Later Epstein was denied bail the U.S. District Judge siding with prosecutors, that Epstein posed a flight risk.

In late July as the News Blender reported Epstein was injured in an apparent suicide attempt.

As the article notes he was discovered on the floor of his cell with marks around his neck.

Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown, who has worked on uncovering the layers of the Epstein plea deal from 2008, confirmed Epstein’s death via tweet.

ABC News via Twitter.

For What it’s Worth.

This is a developing story. At this time, the early reports are that Epstein is dead, based on law enforcement sources telling the media. We are awaiting official confirmation.

As a reminder.

Epstein’s death follows the unsealing of court documents that detail allegations against Epstein by an alleged victim.

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