Watch Live: Trump Rally From Lake Charles, Louisiana

President Donald Trump speaks with Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. Photo by The White House.

As the News Blender featured on Thursday President Trump held a campaign rally in Minnesota.

Prior to the rally the Campaign played Purple Rain by the late artist Prince. His estate responded.

According to the letter dated last October, the Campaign had said they would not use Purple Rain again, or any Prince song for that matter.

As the President does he held another helicopter gaggle and like he normally does he says shocking things and not so shocking things.

The not shocking thing.

Personal attorney Rudy Giuliani gets tossed under the first wheel of the Everything Trump Touches Dies Bus.

The not so shocking thing, but in connection with his next statement makes it shocking.

The shocking thing.

It’s not shocking in the sense that it’s unexpected as the News Blender reported Friday afternoon, he has said before that “Saudi Arabia pays cash.”

What is shocking is that he is proud of himself. He will brag about it tonight in his rally speech, and chances are we will hear the audience cheer him on.

They cheer sheer ignorance, not even their own, though an argument can be made for that, but his ignorance.

He is by far the most uneducated President we have ever had. I try every day to cover him objectively. I don’t always succeed. But today, this week, has been one thing after another.

He abandoned the Kurds and he is today admitting the reason is money. Plain and simple.

Our military men and women sign up, they join, they are not forced, for the most part the men and women in service, do so, out of an abundance of pride they have for this country.

He by venture of his ignorance is disrespecting their service, reducing them to how much money they can make who?

Who benefits for selling out our men and women in uniform?

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