Questions for “Tracy”

If you read my article yesterday, The Republicans Have the Democrats Right Where They Want Them, you may have seen in the comments a lengthy back and forth between myself and Tracy. I wanted to draw attention to this as an example of how most discussions with “Tracy” go.

Before I go further, I’d like to state this is not all about Tracy, the person. I actually think that Tracy, the person, is probably a very nice person. We often see evidence of that when she’s not here defending Trump in ridiculous ways. I would even venture to say that if we really delved deep on issues, I’d probably agree with Tracy on many, if not most, political issues. I am more talking about “Tracy” as a representation of the typical Trump supporter.

So, the basic premise of the article yesterday was that the Republican Senate is in full control of things for the impeachment trial and if all of the things that Trump and the GOP have been claiming about how there is nothing to this impeachment and the Dems are just evil, partisan hacks and that Trump has done nothing wrong, then they have a perfect opportunity to prove that and, once and for all, expose the Dems. They can call all of the witnesses they want and even allow the Dems to call all of their best witnesses, and the Republicans and Trump’s lawyers ought to easily be able to defeat them with facts and truth.

The main question of the article was, “So…why will they not do this?

In the entire back and forth with Tracy, she never answered that question. Instead, she used deception, deflection, and distraction (the 3 D’s)…over and over.

While attempting to challenge her on the “substance” of her 3 D’s, she then neglected to answer the pertinent questions in those regards.

Here are some of the important questions that Tracy avoided during our discussion:

  1. Why don’t the Republicans want to hold an actual trial, with witness testimony and full document disclosures?
  2. If Trump is legitimately concerned about corruption in Ukraine, is it appropriate for the President to be using his own personal attorney to investigate it and to be involved in diplomatic dealings? Does that not even give you the slightest bit of pause?
  3. Where did he invoke “executive privilege”? And when does executive privilege apply?
  4. Please, Tracy, tell us how “The inquiry only made a mockery of the impeachment process”.
  5. Do you think it’s appropriate for McConnell to be working hand in hand with Trump in creating a strategy for the trial?

Again, this is not intended to pick on Tracy, personally. Rather, it is meant to be an example of how most discussions go with Trumpists. Instead of answering these very basic questions, they use the 3 D’s.

Why? Because if one is to be intellectually honest in answering these questions, it throws a number of very inconvenient wrenches into the entire Trump narrative. In fact, the Trump narrative immediately begins to crumble like a pile of bullshit that has been dried up from exposure.

So, in order to stay on Team Trump (and Team Red, by association), one must ignore such questions and obfuscate profusely.

It’s frustrating and tiresome.

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