The Republicans Have the Democrats Right Where They Want Them

This is such a simple concept that I think even the Trump supporters can understand it…if they are intellectually honest, and they aren’t, so….

Anyway, here’s the thing:

Trump and the Republicans are in a perfect position right now to put the final nail into the Democrat’s coffin.

They control the Senate trial so they can call any witnesses that they want to. They can load up the proceedings with witness after witness of all of the people around Trump who can corroborate Trump’s story and totally and completely vindicate him.

Put Pompeo on the stand, Bolton, Mulvaney, Rudy, Perry, Barr…heck even put Trump on the stand. Certainly, all of these people will back up Trump’s story and finally and completely make the Dems look like the total political hack losers that they are.

Finally, the American people can be fully informed and see how bad the Dems really are. There would be no question about Trump’s innocence, no question about the partisan political games the Dems have been playing, no question about how it was all just a hoax concocted by the Dems and the media.

While they’re at it, shove all of the documents that Trump has been withholding in those crooked, slimy Democrat faces! Force Shifty Schiff to read those documents out loud during the trial and watch his traitorous liberal tears stream down his face as he realizes his hoax is now revealed, fully and completely, live, on national television.

Expose Pelosi for the witch that she is.

How glorious would this be? Finally, after decades of claiming how dishonest and evil the Democrats are, the Republicans have them right where they want them. 

McConnell and Trump can pound that final stake right into the heart of the Democrats and the world will finally see what they are…what they have been for decades. And they can do it during the highest ratings the world has ever seen!

Finally, the Republicans will be vindicated and would prevail in every election in the foreseeable future.

So…why will they not do this?

What possible reason could there be that would prevent the Republicans from making this final blow and expose the Democrats for what they are?

This, of course, is how we know Trump and all of the Republicans are lying and that Trump is guilty as hell, and the Republicans are guilty of selling out the country for this despicable demagogue.

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