Watch Live: Senate Impeachment Trial, Day 10

U.S. Capitol at Dusk September 2013. Photo by Martin Falbisoner.

Thursday, January 30, 2020 is Day 10 of President Impeached’s Senate Trial.

Today will conclude day two of senators asking questions, in writing, to the prosecution and defense in accordance of McConnell’s impeachment trial rules, via New York Times.

Next up, Debating whether to debate about witness.

Once senators have exhausted all of their time for questions, they will take up whether the Senate should subpoena witnesses and seek additional documents from the administration that could be relevant to the impeachment inquiry. Depending on what has occurred up to that point, the debate could begin on Friday, Jan. 31.

Under the rules, there would first be a four-hour debate — two hours for each side — on whether motions about specific witnesses and documents are in order, followed by a vote. If Republicans succeed in defeating that motion, they would move quickly to final votes on the two articles of impeachment.

New York Times

For full recap of Day 9:

h/t to Lenny and Tiff, we get this handy-dandy tool from C-SPAN.

I don’t even know where to begin with yesterday’s highlights and the obvious shameful state of this so-called ‘esteemed’ upper chamber and the insanity that embodies Trump’s defense. So let us just dive in with a few of the more memorable highlights from others.

And last, but most assuredly not least, the still trending #dershowitzlogic reactions to his stunning arguments in defense of Trump.

At around the 1:45 minute, we are ‘reminded of the call-back to a different era that echoes Dershowitz.

That one where Dershowitz reacts to everyone’s reaction.

Today’s Q&A should be loads of fun. See you there.

Watch Live: Day 10.

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