Watch Live: Senate Impeachment Trial Day 4

U.S. Capitol at Dusk September 2013. Photo by Martin Falbisoner.

On Thursday the Senate will once again meet to hear from House Impeachment Managers regarding the conduct of President Trump as it relates to Ukraine and the demand to open an investigation into political rival former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Thursday the House Managers intend to focus on Article I-Abuse of Power, from the Articles of Impeachment that passed the House in December. According to Washington Post live updates, President Trump’s legal team is expected to start presenting their defense in the Senate on Saturday.

Some highlights from Day 3.

I think the answer to the question posted in the first clip tweet is no…but hey, that could just be me.

*raises eyebrow*

At this point, I think it would be easier to name the Senators and/or Republican Reps. that haven’t taken a picture with Lev Parnas.

Live Feed C-SPAN 2.

Live Feed PBS News Hour.

Live Feed The Washington Post.

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