Watch Live: Trump Rally from North Charleston, South Carolina

President Impeached is scheduled to hold a MAGA/KAG campaign rally from North Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday, a day before South Carolina voters head to the polls in the Presidential primary. This will be the first rally as fears of the coronavirus rattle the Stock Market.

Prior to departing the White House President Impeached spoke with reporters from the South Lawn.

In the above clip he also blames the Democratic Presidential candidates for the horrible week of loss on Wall Street.

Asked on Thursday about the coronavirus the President said “it’s going to disappear one day, like a miracle.”

After speaking to reporters President Impeached tweeted…

And this…

No, it’s not Déjà vu.

In July of 2019, President Impeached announced that Ratcliffe was being nominated to fill the Director of National Intelligence Post.

A few days later…

2nd times the charm?

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