Trump Tweets “Does Sarcasm Ever Work?”, for Monday’s Open Thread

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It’s Monday aka the First Day of the Work Week.

For the First Day of the Work Week, the self-proclaimed “hardest working President in history,” has tweeted 4 times so far.

Over the weekend, President Impeached was hard at work, melting down on Twitter, with *36 tweets, and 36 retweets.

*The total includes deleted tweets*

We will be skipping tweets from the weekend. You’re welcome.


The Associated Press, via the New York Times, says President Impeached aka President Crybaby’s tweet is “nowhere close to reality.”

When combined just three “major countries,” Russia, Germany, and Italy, “have tested more people than the U.S. And on another measure, more than 30 countries have tested a larger share of the population than the U.S. has done.”

According to the AP Fact-check, Russia, German, and Italy together have tested an estimated 6.5 million people, while the U.S., as of this morning’s Johns Hopkins data, have tested an estimated 5.4 million people.

They go on to say that along with the “major countries,” still be ahead of the U.S. in testing when combined, more “More than 30 other countries have tested a larger share of the population than has been done in the U.S..”

I *attempted to find more recent per capita data on testing, but have yet to locate a list, NPR reported on April 2nd, that President Whine-bag’s claim that the U.S., testing for coronavirus most per capita was not true.

His claim came during a press conference from April 2nd where he said, “It’s over 100,000 tests a day. And these are accurate tests, and they’re moving rapidly, which is more than any other country in the world, both in terms of the raw number and also on a per capita basis, the most.”

They noted at the time, that while U.S., coronavirus testing had improved, the U.S., was still lagging behind Germany and South Korea.

South Korea, with its population of 51.5 million, has done 431,743 tests, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s approximately 1 in every 119 people.

Germany has done even better.It has tested about 1 in 90 people — 918,460, with a population of 82.8 million. Germany also happens to have one of the lowest fatality rates from COVID-19.

NPR. 04/02/2020

Italy at the time, with a population estimated at 60.5 million people, was testing about 1 in every 104 people for the coronavirus.

*I did find charts located @ Our World in Data, that break down testing, deaths, and confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The chart below is an example of the data.

In two separate tweets he lamented that he wasn’t calling the coronavirus a hoax, but he thinks the Democrats and the media are the hoax.

During a rally from North Charleston, South Carolina, on February 28th, 2020, President Impeached said in part that the coronaviurs was the Democrats new Hoax.

While calling the virus the Democrats new hoax, the Impeached President said there were 15 people with the coronavirus, at the time, CDC reported that between American’s and repatriated persons, the total of the coronavirus U.S., cases, was 53.

Channel 4 News has a video featuring Trump vs. Trump. The video covers until end of March when President Impeached extended the social distancing through the end of April.

In between his blasting Democrats and the media together, he pauses to whine that the media is “corrupt and sick.”

In the above clip when wondering out loud if there might be a way someone could disinfect the virus from a person via injection of a disinfectant he was speaking to “our laboratory expert.”

In the clip below he was addressing Dr. Birx, about heat and light.

She even responds when President Liar calls on her by name.

Following his statements from the campaign rally, on Thursday, several companies and doctors warned against injecting or ingesting disinfectants President Liar told gathered press on Friday that his statements were sarcasm.

A little over an hour later President the Real Victim, announced that his White House News Conferences weren’t worth the time or effort, since the media only wants to ask “hostile questions.”

Hostile questions examples, “what do you tell American’s that are upset with you?” Or “what do you say to scared Americans?”


He is the hardest working man ever!

He deleted the tweets because Hamburger was spelled Hamberger, not to be confused with hamberders.

President The Thinnest Skinned Human Being Ever went on to lament about Noble Prizes connected to the Russia, Russia, Russia scandal.

After he deleted the tweets he blasted those taking him seriously, asking, “Does sarcasm ever work?”

Sarcasm is defined as a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain; a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual; the use or language of sarcasm.

But, sure, the greatest President in the history of the world, is totally normal.


President Baby whines about the Democrats.

CNN reported on Friday, April 10th, that some jobless American’s would see the $600 weekly increase of unemployment benefits, that’s on top of what the person would normal receive in their state, sometime in the coming week.

They explain that laid off workers in most states could expect to eventually receive the increased 4 month benefit retroactively dating back to as early as March 29th.

The U.S. Sun, reported regarding the tweet, on Monday, “states have been struggling with the historic backlog and the record unemployment levels, and the president believes the Dems are at fault.”

As a reminder the extra benefits provided through state unemployment was part of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package, that President Impeached signed into law, bragging about the Senate bipartisan of the package via tweet on March 26th.

He continues to whine about how badly treated he is by the Media.

Yeah, how dare the media, ask questions using President Whine Bag’s own statements, that includes tweets, and video taped events.

He moves on to wonder out loud, why the nation should help poorly run states.

I don’t know, why should the people and American taxpayer, bailout Boeing, or the farmers hurt by President Baby’s trade war with China, not once, but two separate times?

In related news, following his “not worth the time or effort,” tweet regarding his daily campaign rallies, the White House issued a schedule of events, it included a campaign rally to be held after 5 p.m. D.C. time on Monday.

The press briefing has been cancelled.

Hear that kids, the daily campaign rallies are fixing to get a makeover. #Winning.

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