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White House Coronavirus Update Briefing. Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian.

Time once again for President Impeached to hold a daily mini-rally.

For Thursday’s mini-rally aka a press briefing we should expect President Impeached to be asked about the unemployment insurance weekly claims, his “hopes,” that Russia and Saudi Arabia will reach a deal to stop produce oil, and how he feels about the global confirmed coronavirus cases have climbed passed 1 million.

As was covered in the Trump Tweets Open Thread, President Impeached via Twitter announced that he had spoken with his “friend,” the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who “spoke with President Putin of Russia,” and that based on that call he “expected,” and “hoped,” the two countries would be cutting back some 10 million barrels of oil.

Putin through a spokesman denied a call between Putin and MBS.

Also covered in the tweets, was the 6 million new jobless claims, bringing the two week total of new unemployment claims to 10 million. The March jobs reports is due for release on Friday morning.

According to John Hopkins the global confirmed coronavirus cases have reached 1,002,159, with 51,485 deaths globally. U.S., cases have reached 236,339 with 5,648 people lost to the virus, while 8,861 are said to be in total recovery.

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