Trump Tweets “The Fake Newspaper,” for Thursday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday aka Presidential Twitter Meltdown Day!

For Presidential Twitter Meltdown Day!, President Cowardly Ass has tweeted 25 times and retweeted 68 times, so far.

His first tweet was sent from the Bunker aka the White House at 12:01 p.m. D.C. time.

Speaking only for myself, I’m certainly not proud of Ted “I have Orange on my Chin,” Cruz.

Reminder Senator Josh Hawley thinks the U.S. Federal Government should oversee Social Media websites, like Twitter.

As the News Blender featured on Wednesday, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation, the named FBI investigation into whether or not Team Trump in 2016 was working with the Russian Government to undermine the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

They are basing this Oversight of Crossfire Hurricane on a DOJ Inspector General Report that was released to the public on December 9th, 2019.

I’m not going to cram a lot of information down your throat at this point, most if not all of us have read the report(s) regarding the Team Trump/Russian Election Interference Investigations, but having said that, the Inspector General did not find problems with the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, he found problems with the Carter Page FISA applications, the only Team Trump member of the campaign that had a FISA application(s) which was granted to allow the government broader investigation tools.

One low-level DOJ lawyer lied, but as Horowitz’s the Inspector General testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11th, 2019, his Oversight power does not include DOJ Attorney’s.

For those that haven’t read it or would just like a refresher course in all thing Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian Election Interference Just Security has all public released information located at one handy link which you can find here.

He issues one more late night tweet.

What you may ask does Jr., want done?

Well, according to non-blue check mark Twitter user Nicole @nsouthern95, Attorney General William Barr is “threatening to release Antifa communications.”

President Asshat resumes his Thursday Presidential Meltdown @ 6:16 a.m. D.C. time.

Senator Ted Cruz is worthless. (see above for more info.)

President Hater of the media attempts to show concern for the media, or in fact, is calling NBC News, nasty….it’s 50/50 really.

It’s hard to judge by the clip if they were really being targeted, or if perhaps they were caught up in a clash between protesters, the words are not clear enough, but in the clip you can see protests helping the NBC News cameraman up, after having been knocked down, and blocking him and others from other protesters? or maybe it was cops?

NBC News, as near as I can tell has not issued any kind of statement. In Googling the video I found that the video appeared on Reddit.

This banner appears above the title “oh boy! oh boy! NBC News crew was attacked by protesters while filming them at the White House.”

Reddit warning banner. 06/04/2020.


President Nasty goes back to Rosenstein’s testimony.

What should have never begun was the campaign looking to Russia for dirt on political opponent Hillary Clinton.

What should have never begun is said campaign using illegal obtained personal emails stolen by the Russian Government for political gain.

What should have never begun was President Impeached obstruction of a legit investigation into his campaign members seeking dirt on political opponent Hillary Clinton for the Russian Government.

Carter Page was never charged with any crime.
Flynn was not only charged with a crime, but he pleaded guilty to said crime he was charged with, and admitted said guilt in open court, twice.

To be fair, Matt Gatez is a tool as is Ted Cruz.

President *Sharpie, who is totally cool with himself and his campaign sharing doctored videos, photos, information in general, plus breaking the law when he had an official weather map altered to suit his needs, moves on to bash Twitter via Charlie Kirk.

Without Section 230, which releases Twitter, Facebook, the News Blender, The Right Scoop, etc., from being held liable for what other people post or say while using their websites, there would be no comment sections allowed, that includes President Twitter from being allowed to tweet, a billion times a day.

As to Twitter’s not fact checking those tweets, Twitter has specifically stated, prior to the 2020 election, it will only label political content, aka politicians and campaigns shared information.

*President Sharpie was stolen with permission from Blender regular PW.*

President Used Car Salesman moves on to sell something.

President Dipshit expresses more love for Charlie Kirk. 🙄

Yeah, and in August 15, 2017, President Steps on his own dick, said very fine people on both sides, when discussing the violence that unfolded in Charlottesville.

And in July of 2019 tweeted…

And let us not forget in 2008 he told the world as heard in 2016 that he could grab women by the pussy and they let you do it, when your a star. Sure, not racist in nature, but gross none the less.

I know whataboutism, but come on, really, if President Hypocrites, past statements and actions even while he is the sitting President don’t matter, it’s rich of them to suggest I should be outraged over Biden in 1975, I was one-years-old. Give me a break.

President I love Criminals more than I do the Poorly Educated moves on to suggest, again, that Felon Roger Stone will be pardoned, before he whines about a legit investigation into Russian election interference.

Yeah, like the whole of the American people, in 2016 when *Dick for Brains, became President.

*I gave y’all fair warning it was coming.*

President Who can Dish it Out, but Can’t Take it, moves on to bash New York, again.

In October of 2013, President Asshole, is quoted by Politico as saying during a radio interview that Bill de Blasio was a “smart guy,” and that he thought “pretty strongly,” that he would end up being a good mayor.

A month earlier he tweeted on Sept., 2nd, 2013…

President That Has the Attention Span of a House Fly, moves back to Russia…

President That Orders via his Big Bad Attorney General the Removal of Peaceful Protests outside their own White House to stage a photo-op, whines about the media.

But sure, let’s blame the media for capturing the events live on TV.

President Insecure moves on to bash the media, again.

Trust me, reading the replies to Jolly’s tweet, it wasn’t just “left-wing,” outrage.

President Toddler all caps us, twice.

In a show of his manly manliness, he retweeted these tweets shortly after he posted them.

President Douchecanoe bashes Joe Biden, again.

On Wednesday BuzzFeed News reported that retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, was shot and killed early Tuesday morning while attempting to protect a neighborhood as civil unrest sweeps the nation. He was 77 years old.

Continuing the theme of campaign he announces his “Complete and Total Endorsement,” of using random capital letters and caps lock.

President The Hardest Tweeting Man in America concludes so far, his Thursday tweeting by making a Presidential announcement.

CNN reports that Michael White was traveling in Iran in July 2018, when he was arrested for insulting the Supreme Leader and posting private information online. White was sentenced to 13 years in an Iranian Jail.

His mother, Joanne White confirmed her sons release by saying, “the nightmare is over.”

Opinion: For me it’s hard to cover these tweets, I don’t want to distract from the good news, that a man has been freed, however, think about this, as I did the moment I read his crime.

He was talking shit about a political leader, and posting personal stuff online.

That’s all, and Iran felt he deserved 13 years in prison for those crimes, and yet, here in America, we have sitting Senators, bashing Twitter, seeking to control it’s content, we have a sitting Senator begging for military boots on the ground in states, to control that states residents.

Again, I’m not attempting to distract from his release, that is a blessing, but I guess what I’m saying is after Monday, after we witnessed our own government gassing and attacking peaceful protesters outside of their own White House, as it belongs to us, Trump is just a guest in it, I can’t help but think, be careful what you wish for.

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