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It’s Wednesday.

When Biden Bits was posted for Tuesday, President Biden had not tweeted. He ended up with a Tuesday Tweeting Total of 6 tweets and 0 retweets.

The YouTube is 36 minutes and 48 long. President Biden begins his remarks at the 2 minute and 59 second mark. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: (28:23) Look, under my plan — I made this commitment in the beginning, and nothing has changed — no one making less than $400,000 a year will pay a single, solitary penny more in federal taxes.  Nobody.  (Applause.) But we’ll no longer have the situation where *55 of the largest Fortune 500 companies made $40 billion the last — each year of the last two years, and paid zero — zero — zero in federal income tax on that profit.  $40 billion. [some of the audience boo’d here] No, that’s a fact.  I know it sounds like I’m making — I give you my word it’s a fact. 

President Biden con’t: The fact is we’ve got about roughly 790 or so billionaires in America.  You know what their average tax rate is for a billionaire?  I’m serious now.  This is dead earnest.  You can check it out.  Eight percent.  The tax rate for all of you is significantly higher — two to three to four times higher.  Tax rate.  I say it again: 8 percent in federal taxes.  Anybody in this room who thinks that — I know you don’t think it’s fair, but we got to do something about it.

President Biden: (29:55) I happen to believe that no billionaires should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher, a firefighter, an electrician, or a cop.  (Applause.)

*The claim comes from a study released in 2021 by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. PolitiFact rated President Biden’s remark back in April of 2021, Mostly True.*

President Biden: (32:23) Think about that.  Social Security you paid for your whole life.  Medicare.  Medicaid.  Not a joke.  Really, ask yourself: How well are you going to sleep at night knowing that every five years Ted Cruz and the other ultra-MAGA Republicans are going to vote on whether you’ll have Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid?

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) released an eleven point plan of dumbness earlier this year. You can find the plan and some words of snarky goodness regarding that plan @the News Blender.

Senator from Texas Ted “I’m a giant fake ass who performs a lot of Jackassery” Cruz responded to President Biden’s tweet.

President Biden: (36:41) This is America.  We can do any damn thing we put our minds to.  And guess what?  We’re not going back to the false promises of the trickle-down economics.  We’re going forward.  (Applause.)  We’re going forward.

President Biden: (16:19) Folks, that’s the approach I’ve taken to build this economy.  And what has to be done?  Well, we brought down COVID deaths by 90 percent.  We opened schools and businesses that were shuttered.  All — it all created the greatest job recovery in American history.  People don’t want to talk about it these days, but it’s true: Since I’ve become President, we’ve created 8.7 million new jobs in 16 months.  An all-time record.  (Applause.)  And even last month, 390,000 jobs and 600,000 new manufacturing jobs.  And they said manufacturing is dead in America.  (Applause.)

For Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, President Biden has received his daily brief. This afternoon he will have lunch with the Vice President. Later this afternoon the President and First Lady will host a reception to celebrate Pride Month.

The White House posted the following fact-sheet: President Biden to Sign Historic Executive Order Advancing LGBTQI+ Equality During Pride Month

President Biden believes that no one should face discrimination because of who they are or whom they love. Since President Biden took office, he has championed the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans and people around the world, accelerating the march towards full equality.

As President Biden said during his first joint address to Congress, the President has the back of LGBTQI+ people across the country. That is why he taking these bold actions and continuing to fight for full equality for every American – including urging Congress pass the Equality Act and provide overdue civil rights protections for LGBTQI+ people. 

Today, to mark Pride Month, President Biden will sign an Executive Order Advancing Equality for LGBTQI+ Individuals, and he will welcome LGBTQI+ families, advocates, elected officials, and leaders to the White House for a reception. 

President Biden’s Executive Order builds on the historic progress he has made for LGBTQI+ people by:

White 06/15/2022.
  • Addressing discriminatory legislative attacks against LGBTQI+ children and families, directing key agencies to protect families and children; 
  • Preventing so-called “conversion therapy” with a historic initiative to protect children from the harmful practice;
  • Safeguarding health care, and programs designed to prevent youth suicide;
  • Supporting LGBTQI+ children and families by launching a new initiative to protect foster youth, prevent homelessness, and improve access to federal programs; and
  • Taking new, additional steps to advance LGBTQI+ equality. 


Over 300 anti-LGBTQI+ laws have been introduced in state legislatures over the past year, and many of them specifically target transgender children and their parents by banning access to medical care and support at school. President Biden is addressing these harmful, hateful, and discriminatory attacks head-on – not only by speaking up for America’s families, but taking action to stand up to the bullies targeting LGBTQI+ people. 

To help support impacted families, President Biden is charging the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with protecting LGBTQI+ children and families from attacks on their access to health care, and has instructed HHS to release new sample policies for states on how to expand access to comprehensive health care for LGBTQI+ patients. The President is also directing the Department of Education with addressing the impacts of state laws that target LGBTQI+ students, and has charged the department with releasing a sample school policy for achieving full inclusion for LGBTQI+ students. 

White 06/15/2022.


As a candidate, President Biden pledged to help end so-called “conversion therapy” – a discredited and dangerous practice that seeks to suppress or change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQI+ people. Today, President Biden is using his executive authority to launch an initiative to protect children across America and crack down on this harmful practice, which every major medical association in the United States has condemned. 

Children who are exposed to so-called “conversion therapy” face higher rates of attempted suicide and trauma. Numerous states across the country have already passed bipartisan laws to prevent exposure to so-called “conversion therapy,” with Republican and Democratic governors signing state bans on conversion therapy into law. Yet despite these efforts, many people in the United States and around the world are still subjected to this practice. 

President Biden is charging HHS with leading an initiative to reduce the risk of youth exposure to this dangerous practice. HHS will explore guidance to clarify that federally-funded programs cannot offer so-called “conversion therapy.” HHS will also increase public awareness about its harms, provide training and technical assistance to health care providers, and expand support for services to help survivors. 

President Biden is also encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to consider whether the practice constitutes an unfair or deceptive act or practice, and whether to issue consumer warnings or notices. And, he is directing the Secretaries of State, Treasury, and HHS to develop an action plan to promote an end to so-called “conversion therapy” around the world and ensure that U.S. foreign assistance dollars do not fund the practice.

White 06/15/2022.


Because of discrimination and bullying, nearly half of LGBTQI+ youth seriously considered suicide last year. LGBTQI+ people of all ages also face significant barriers to accessing health care, and LGBTQI+ patients face significant health disparities. To safeguard access to health care for LGBTQI+ patients and address the LGBTQI+ youth mental health crisis, President Biden is charging HHS with taking steps to address the barriers and exclusionary policies that LGBTQI+ individuals and families face in accessing quality, affordable, comprehensive health care, including mental health care, reproductive health care, and HIV prevention and treatment. The President’s Order charges HHS to work with states to promote expanded access to gender-affirming care. It also charges HHS to help prevent LGBTQI+ suicide by expanding youth access to suicide prevention resources, and to issue new guidance through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration on providing evidence-informed mental health care for LGBTQI+ youth. 

White 06/15/2022.


LGBTQI+ children and families deserve the same dignity and respect as all American families. But LGBTQI+ children and families continue to face significant barriers and discrimination. For LGBTQI+ young people, family rejection can lead to disproportionately high rates of homelessness and over-representation in foster care. And for LGBTQI+ parents and households, significant barriers remain in accessing vital government benefits and services, and achieving housing security. Providing these young Americans and families with the resources and support they need will help ensure more children and families have access to loving homes that decrease the risk of abuse and suicide. 
President Biden’s Executive Order will:

White 06/15/2022.
  • Address discrimination and barriers faced by LGBTQI+ youth, parents, caretakers, and families in foster care. Although LGBTQI+ parents play a vital role in ensuring that every child in America has a loving home, and are seven times more likely to adopt a child from foster care, these parents continue to face barriers and biases in the child welfare system. To address these disparities, President Biden is charging HHS with strengthening LGBTQI+ non-discrimination protections in the foster care system. His Executive Order also charges HHS with launching a new initiative to partner with state child welfare agencies to improve outcomes for LGBTQI+ youth in care; increase training for child welfare personnel on best practices for supporting LGBTQI+ youth; promote placements of children into environments that will support their sexual orientation and gender identity; and study and address the disproportionate rates of child removals that LGBTQI+ parents face, especially women of color.
  • Support families with LGBTQI+ youth. When youth come out as LGBTQI+, parents and family members often seek help to learn how to best support their child. When children face rejection by their families, they risk higher rates of homelessness and attempted suicide. To support families with LGBTQI+ youth, President Biden is directing HHS to expand access to voluntary family counseling and support programs to help support youth and families. The President’s Executive Order also charges the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with researching the impacts of family rejection on the mental health and long-term wellbeing of LGBTQI+ individuals.
  • Review access, and barriers, for families to federal programs and benefits. In spite of important progress in ensuring that same-sex married couples can access federal programs, many LGBTQI+ families continue to face barriers in accessing vital benefits and services. For LGBTQI+ people who have faced family rejection and rely on family structures without legal or blood ties, these barriers can be particularly pronounced. To strengthen supports for all families, the President’s Executive Order directs HHS to conduct a study of how current eligibility standards for federal programs impact LGBTQI+ and other households, and issue recommendations for more inclusive standards. The Executive Order also directs the Office of Management and Budget to coordinate with agencies as they seek opportunities to implement those recommendations in their programs and services. 
  • Address LGBTQI+ homelessness and housing instability. President Biden is directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development with launching a new Working Group on LGBTQI+ Homelessness and Housing Equity. That Working Group will lead new efforts to identity and address the barriers to housing faced by LGBTQI+ people, provide guidance and technical assistance to housing providers on serving LGBTQI+ individuals, and seek new funding opportunities for culturally appropriate services that address barriers to housing for LGBTQI+ individuals. 
  • Support LGBTQI+ students in our Nation’s schools and educational institutions. The President’s Executive Order directs the Department of Education to establish a new Working Group on LGBTQI+ Students and Families, which will advance policies for states, school districts, and other educational institutions to promote safe and inclusive learning environments in which all students thrive.
  • Support LGBTQI+ youth in juvenile justice systems. The Executive Order charges the Attorney General with establishing a new clearinghouse within the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to provide effective training, technical assistance, and other resources for jurisdictions to better serve LGBTQI+ youth involved in the juvenile justice system. 

President Biden’s Executive Order also includes additional new steps to advance LGBTQI+ equality, including:

  • Strengthen supports for LGBTQI+ older adults. Older LGBTQI+ people face significant rates of discrimination, isolation, and poverty. The President’s Executive Order directs HHS to publish a “Bill of Rights for LGBTQI+ Older Adults” and new guidance on the non-discrimination protections for older adults in long-term care settings. It also charges HHS with exploring new rulemaking to establish that LGBTQI+ individuals are included in the definition of populations of “greatest social need” under the Older Americans Act.
  • Promote expanded federal data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity. To strengthen the federal collection of sexual orientation and gender identity (“SOGI”) data, the President’s Executive Order establishes a new federal coordinating committee on SOGI data, which will lead efforts across agencies to identify opportunities to strengthen SOGI data collection, while safeguarding privacy protections and civil rights for LGBTQI+ individuals.


Today’s announcements build on the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic progress to advance LGBTQI+ equality since taking office, including:

  • Strengthening civil rights protections. On his first day in office, President Biden signed an Executive Order on preventing and combatting discrimination against LGBTQI+ Americans. 
  • Ending the ban on transgender servicemembers, and supporting LGBTQI+ service members and veterans. President Biden rescinded the discriminatory ban on transgender servicemembers, and the Department of Defense announced that HIV-positive service members with an undetectable viral load will no longer be categorically barred from deploying worldwide or commissioning, nor will they be discharged or separated, solely on the basis of their HIV-positive status. The Department of Veterans Affairs also strengthened services and supports for LGBTQI+ veterans, including by removing the outdated ban on comprehensive gender-affirming care for transgender veterans.
  • Fighting back against state-level attacks on LGBTQI+ children. The Department of Justice has intervened and filed statements of interest in lawsuits across the country challenging state laws that seek to ban transgender children from accessing gender-affirming health care and participating in school activities as unconstitutional. 
  • Advancing human rights for LGBTQI+ people in America’s foreign policy. President Biden signed a Presidential Memorandum on Advancing the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Around the World, and  appointed the first Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons at the State Department. 
  • Strengthening supports and protections for transgender Americans. The State Department now offers an “X” gender marker option to ensure nonbinary Americans can access an accurate federal ID. The Department of Homeland Security announced reforms to address barriers and heightened screening that transgender travelers often face in U.S. airports. The Department of Housing and Urban Development also restored key protections to ensure that transgender people experiencing homelessness can access emergency shelters consistent with their gender identity. 
  • Fighting for passage of the Equality Act. President Biden continues to call on the Senate to swiftly pass the Equality Act, legislation, which will provide long overdue federal civil rights protections to LGBTQI+ Americans and their families.
  • Renewing the U.S. government’s commitment to ending the HIV epidemic at home and around the world.  President Biden released a new National HIV/AIDS Strategy  to lead us toward ending the HIV epidemic in the United States by 2030. The President reestablished the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, and has made historic investments in ending the HIV epidemic globally. 
  • Appointing LGBTQI+ leaders to the highest levels of our government. President Biden has appointed a historically diverse Administration, including Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay Cabinet Secretary; Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Rachel Levine, the first openly transgender person ever confirmed by the U.S. Senate; Ambassador Chantale Wong, the first open lesbian to achieve the rank of Ambassador; and the first openly gay White House Counsel, Stuart Delery. Fourteen percent of the President’s appointees identify as LGBTQI+. 
  • Ensuring the federal government is a model employer for LGBTQI+ public servants.President Biden signed an Executive Order on Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce, with key provisions for LGBTQI+ public servants.
  • Celebrating Pride at home and around the world. Pride is back at the White House and federal buildings throughout the country are proudly flying Pride flags this month. The State Department announced it will allow U.S. embassies and diplomatic outposts to fly the Pride flag on the same flagpole as the U.S. flag at their embassy or consulate.

President Biden has tweeted…

He’s tweeted 2 times so far for Wednesday.

The video is 1 minute and 21 seconds long.

President Biden: Ten years ago today, I stood with President Obama as we announced one of our proudest accomplishments, a program called DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that’s since transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people known as Dreamers, who are brought here as children and only know America as their home. They don’t know anything else.

President Biden con’t: By allowing them to live and work here legally, these young people contribute to our community in ways both big and small. They study hard to attend college and graduate school. They’re entrepreneurs who start businesses. They serve in our military. Dreamers are friends and neighbors and Americans in every way, except on paper.

President Biden con’t: It’s time to provide them with the permanent protections they deserve. I made clear in my State of the Union address that we need to provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. I continue to call on the Congress to pass a bill that does that so I can sign it immediately.

President Biden con’t: To Dreamers and the organizers who have been in the fight for so long, I’m in awe of your courage in sharing your stories. Thank you for all you do to contribute to our nation and know–know this, your President has your back, and I mean that. I have your back. We’re going to get this done.

The White House posted the following statement by Betsy Lawrence:

On June 15, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which has allowed hundreds of thousands of noncitizens who were brought to the United States as children to live, study, and work in our communities—contributing to our economy and the future of our country—without fear of removal.  Today, on the 10th Anniversary of DACA, the Biden-Harris Administration celebrates the remarkable contributions of Dreamers and DACA recipients, reaffirms its commitment to preserving this landmark policy, and calls on Congress to pass legislation to provide lasting protections to Dreamers.

White 06/15/2022.

Economic Contributions and Educational Achievements of DACA Recipients

DACA has profoundly improved the lives and economic circumstances of individual recipients and their families—and by extension, the communities in which they live, and our country as a whole.  Since 2012, approximately 825,000 individuals have been granted DACA. 

DACA recipients have increased earning potential.  According to a 2021 study by the University of Texas at San Antonio, DACA beneficiaries experienced increases in college enrollment and degree completions, as well as more professional job opportunities, as compared to their non-DACA-eligible counterparts.  During the period of 2012 to 2016—

White 06/15/2022.
  • the number of DACA recipients with a Bachelor’s degree tripled;
  • professional job attainment for DACA recipients grew by 34%; and
  • the incomes of DACA recipients more than doubled. 

The benefits of this increase in prosperity extend well beyond DACA recipients and their families. DACA households have significant spending power—they own more than 68,000 homes across the country, contribute $760 million in mortgage payments and $2.5 billion in rental payments annually, and pay $6.2 billion in federal taxes and $3.3 billion in state and local taxes each year.

DACA recipients enrich our lives and make us safer.  Approximately 343,000 DACA recipients are employed in industries deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security. This includes an estimated 20,000 educators in our nation’s schools and classrooms, 34,000 healthcare workers, and 100,000 food supply chain workers who have worked tirelessly to support and sustain us during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

DACA strengthens American families. With the peace of mind that comes with protection from removal, DACA keeps families together.  An estimated 300,000 U.S. citizen children have at least one parent with DACA, and roughly three-fourths of DACA recipients have a U.S. citizen child, sibling, spouse, or parent.  

White 06/15/2022.

Economic Benefits of Permanent Protections for Dreamers

Of the 825,000 noncitizens who have been granted DACA since 2012, 76,000 have since become lawful permanent residents (green card holders) and approximately 4,000 have gone on to become naturalized U.S. citizens.  While strengthening and fortifying DACA is essential, providing permanent protections to Dreamers and others will generate even more economic value for the country.

At a time when American employers are struggling to find workers in critical industries, providing an opportunity for DACA recipients and Dreamers to obtain lawful status will increase the effective labor supply and boost economic growth. Permanent protections would allow this population to contribute indefinitely to the economy in sectors that are heavily reliant on immigrant workers, such as agriculture, construction, and leisure and hospitality, while also providing increased job mobility and better employment options with long term trajectories for growth.  Studies show that new permanent residents have greater productivity than their undocumented counterparts and generate increased tax revenues

White 06/15/2022.


DACA recipients enrich our nation with their deep community ties, exceptional talents, and work ethic.  On Day Oneof this Administration, President Biden directed the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to take all appropriate actions to “preserve and fortify” DACA.  The Biden Administration has worked vigorously to defend DACA in court and is working expeditiously on a rule to codify and preserve the policy.  Ultimately, however, only Congress can provide the permanent relief that Dreamers need and that our country deserves.   

Unfortunately, for more than two decades, efforts to pass legislation providing a durable solution for Dreamers have failed.  It was 2001 when Senators Durbin and Hatch introduced the first bipartisan Dream Act, offering conditional residency and a path to permanent residence to undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children. In March 2021, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, introduced by Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, with bipartisan support.  On the ten-year anniversary of DACA, the Biden-Harris Administration celebrates DACA recipients and again calls on Congress to pass legislation to protect and honor Dreamers who make our country stronger.  

White 06/15/2022.

President Obama announced DACA on June 15th, 2012.

His second tweet for Wednesday, ties into the rest of Tuesday’s tweets.

President Biden: (9:31)Wall Street didn’t build this country, the middle class built this country.  And unions built the middle class.  (Applause.)

The daily press briefing is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. D.C., time.

President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for 4:00 p.m. D.C., time.

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