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President Biden’s Public Schedule for Friday, November 4th 2022:

12:30 PMOut-of-Town Pool Call Time
Out-of-Town Pool
2:45 PMThe President delivers remarks at an American technology company that will benefit from passage of the President’s CHIPS and Science Act and more chips being made in America
Open Press
4:15 PMThe President departs San Diego, California en route Chicago, Illinois
Out-of-Town Pool
8:05 PMThe President arrives in Chicago, Illinois
Open Press
8:30 PMThe President participates in a political reception
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will gaggle aboard Air Force One en route Chicago, Illinois

President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for 2:45 p.m. D.C., time.

The audio only press gaggle is scheduled for 6 p.m. D.C., time.

When the post was posted for Thursday, President Biden had tweeted 6 times. He added 7 tweets giving him a Thursday Tweeting Total of 13 tweets and 0 retweets.

Gas Buddy Guy this morning…

Lady Snark covered “Rick Scott, and His Magical Mystery 11-Point Plan!“, in February and “The GOP’S Commitment to America Plan“, in September.

The YouTube is 25 minutes and 24 seconds long. President Biden begins his remarks at the 2 minute and 56 second mark. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: This is a game changer for so many people.  We’re hearing from people all over the country about how easy it is to apply.  Close to 26 million Americans have already applied, already given us the information to be consider — so that they consider lifechanging for their — for their families and for them.  

President Biden: And for borrowers out of school, nearly 90 percent of that relief is going to go to people who have incomes under $75,000.

President Biden: And the way I think about it is the way my dad talked about it and the way so many of you at home talk about it around the kitchen table.  How much are your monthly bills?  And at the end of the month, do you have enough to pay for those bills?  And what’s left over, if anything?  There’s enough — is there enough for just a little bit of breathing room?  As my dad used to say, just a little bit of breathing room. Folks in urban and suburban and rural and Tribal communities across the country, our student loan program is designed to give just a little more breathing room.  A little breathing room.

President Biden: We’re here today to talk about a key part of what’s — what we’re doing nationwide: student debt relief for millions of working- and middle-class Americans still recovering from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

For Jobs Report Friday, President Biden has tweeted 4 times so far. says for the month of October the total non-farm payroll employment increased by 261,000 new jobs [the jobs added beat the predicted by experts number of 193,000 added jobs]. Unemployment rose to 3.7 percent. August’s report was revised down by 23,000. September’s report was was revised up by 52,000. The next release is scheduled for December 2nd.

His full statement:

Today’s jobs report – adding 261,000 jobs with the unemployment rate still at a historically low 3.7% — shows that our jobs recovery remains strong.  With jobs now added every single month of my presidency, a record setting 10 million job increase, a record 700,000 manufacturing jobs added which puts us at 137,000 more manufacturing jobs than we had before the pandemic, historically low Black and Hispanic unemployment rates, the gross domestic product increasing, and incomes on the way up, one thing is clear: while comments by Republican leadership sure seem to indicate they are rooting for a recession, the US economy continues to grow and add jobs even as gas prices continue to come down.  

Inflation is our top economic challenge, and I know that American families are feeling squeezed. The global inflation that is raging in other countries is hitting us as well.  I’ve got a plan to bring costs down, especially for health care, energy, and other everyday expenses. And we’re already making progress – the cost of gas at the pump is down over $1.20 a gallon since this summer.

The Republican plan is very different.  They want to increase prescription drug costs, health insurance costs, and energy costs, while giving more tax breaks to big corporations and the very wealthy. Here’s the deal: cutting corporate taxes and allowing big pharma to raise prices again is the Republican inflation plan and it’s a disaster.

Let me be clear.  We’re going to do what it takes to bring inflation down.  But as long as I’m president, I’m not going to accept an argument that the problem is that too many Americans are finding good jobs.  Or that too many working Americans finally have more dignity in the workplace.  Or that our largest, most profitable corporations shouldn’t have to pay their fair share.  I will continue to work for an economy built from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top down as my Republican friends would have.  

White 11/04/2022.

Here are some randomly placed Ben Casselman tweets; it’s a thread.

As I was scrolling his take, I saw this….

“The two surveys that make up the report sent conflicting signals this month:”…

I lol’d cause it’s so fitting for just before the mid-terms to have “conflicting” data…

I have to say unlike Twice Impeached 45’s tweets, I don’t spend a lot of time looking at President Biden’s reply tweets; they are pretty even between the “you sucks” and “I love’s you” responses, but when he tweets a thread, I always manage to spy a few random users replies.

Like this one for example…

I can’t lie, I laughed so fucking hard at the above Liberal Leopard’s tweet, that I caused the cat to bail off my desk and the dog barked.

From his Thursday remarks on student debt relief…

President Biden: By the end of this week, the Department of Education will have approved the applications of 16 million Americans and sent the necessary paperwork to student loan servicers in the last step before 16 million Americans’ can have their loans discharged. That’s 16 million people who will be hearing from the Department of Education that they’ve been approved and who should be seeing relief in the coming days. But it’s temporarily on hold.  Why?  Well, because Republican members of the Congress and Republican governors are doing everything they can, including taking us to court, to deny the relief and even to their own constituents.  And every lawyer tells me we’re — there — we knocked two of them out of the way.  There’s only one thing left in the way — and that it’s going to happen. 

Tuesday President Biden delivered remarks from Florida on protecting social security and medicare. The YouTube is 43 minutes and 6 seconds long. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: I wish I could say our Republican friends in Congress made it happen.  I truly do, by the way.  I truly do, because we used to be able to do a lot of the bipartisan things. But the truth is, every single Democrat in Congress voted for the Inflation Reduction Act.  And every single, solitary Republican in Congress voted against these savings — every single one, including Senator Rubio, who now acts like he doesn’t —

He gets cut off by audience members…


THE PRESIDENT:  No, but I — I really meant — I — I was disappointed.  It really disappointed me. 

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